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Storage name systems

Sep 01, 20032 mins
Data CenterDNS

* The Internet Storage Name Service

The ubiquitous DNS is a global distributed database that matches Web site URLs to a numerical IP address. In particular it helps set Internet traffic routing and is pretty much the traffic cop of the ‘Net.

A proposed standard to the Internet Engineering Task Force is looking to do basically the same thing for IP-based storage networks. The Internet Storage Name Service (ISNS) defines an intelligent matrix of  services to track changes, ensure security and ease management of the storage environment.

This from the IETF ISNS draft:

ISNS allows the administrator to go beyond a simple device-by-device management model, where each storage device is manually and individually configured with its own list of known initiators and targets. Using the ISNS, each storage device subordinates its discovery and management responsibilities to the ISNS server. The ISNS server thereby serves as the consolidated configuration point through which management stations can configure and manage the entire storage network, including iSCSI and Fibre Channel devices.

Our Technology Update author ( this week says an ISNS lets servers automatically identify and connect to authorized storage resources. Further efficiencies are gained by allowing the servers to dynamically adapt to changing storage resource membership and availability, without human intervention.

Sounds interesting, but has a ways to go through the standards process.