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Employee e-mail puts business at risk

Nov 16, 20051 min
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Are your colleagues putting your company at risk with loosey goosey e-mail use?

A new study says yes, noting that almost 70% of employees surveyed have sent or received e-mail that could pose a risk to business.

For example:

  • 61% admit they have used email at work for personal use.

  • 48% say they have sent or received joke e-mails, funny pictures/movies, funny stories of a questionable tone.

  • 22% say they have sent or received a password or log-in information via e-mail.

  • 73% are aware of corporate e-mail policies, but only 46% say they alway adhere to the policy.

  • 9% have used company email to submit their resume to another company.

  • 22% have sent personal details to HR including Social Security numbers, salary details, or medical information via e-mail.

The study was – not surprisingly – funded by e-mail archiving vendor Fortiva.