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Up to 10% addicted to the ‘Net

Dec 01, 20051 min
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The NY Times looks at the growing cause for concern over Internet addiction, reporting that 6%-10% of U.S. ‘Net users can be considered addicts.

Specialists who treat ‘Net junkies say the disease is as real as alcoholism and drug abuse, others claim it’s a “fad illness.” (Ed. – Like Atari Thumb?)

“I think using the Internet in certain ways can be quite absorbing, but I don’t know that it’s any different from an addiction to playing the violin and bowling,” said Sara Kiesler, professor of computer science and human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

We get what Kiesler is saying here, but maybe bowling isn’t the best analogy…

Experts say some of the signs of Internet addiction include lying about how much time one spends online; withdrawing from hobbies and social interactions; back pain; and weight gain.

Via The New York Times