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Worst CEOs of 2005

Dec 08, 20051 min
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This morning The Register looks at the odd tale of CEO Patrick Byrne, who apparently holds the best analyst conference calls: “…in which he delved into his sexuality and experiences with cocaine, in the midst of a tirade on how a cabal led by a “Sith Lord” was out to destroy his company.”

How did we miss that call? There’s a PDF transcript here, audio is here.

The site’s real story this morning is how Byrne got a mention for Worst CEO of 2005 by, being beaten out by another tech concern, Paul Eibeler of Take-Two Interactive, publisher of the Grand Theft Auto games.

Click here to read The Register’s tough tale of trying to buy stuff from Overstock, and here for MarketWatch’s take on Eibeler, Byrne and more.

Via The Register