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Another bad ‘Bob’ idea

Feb 17, 20061 min
Data Center

A couple of Colorado parents/entrepeneurs have come up with a device that’s sure to be popular with the kids. “B.O.B.” is a time management unit that shuts off a TV, computer or video game system after a child’s allotted time runs out. The idea is to get kids to play outside rather than rot in front of the TV. While we like the premise of getting kids to do more outdoor activities, this just smacks of technology replacing good parenting. (Sounds a lot like the “Cutting off the teen’s late-night ‘Net use” forum going right now.) Plus, do really want to deal with little Timmy when his homework assignment gets trashed because the computer shutdown on him in the middle? Or worse, deal with the temper tantrum of a kid who just reached the highest level in a video game, only to see it disappear because the power was cut before he saved it?