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NetFlash: StorageTek, FilesX launch software for disk-based recovery

May 06, 20032 mins

Well, leave it to the government to “discover” a problem long after it has actually become one. Case in point: the dreaded spam. 

The Federal Trade Commission last week met to talk about the issue. Lo-and-behold it found spam to be “Worse than we imagined.” How could it be much worse really? For example, I noted that over this past weekend I had some 220 or so emails in my own mailbox. This morning I counted that 131 of them were spam (more actually, I got tired of counting). On a nonpersonal level, In March, 45% of all e-mail sent was spam – up 16% since January 2002, so says Brightmail, an antispam company.

One of the central conclusions of this FTC meeting was that spam would drive e-mail use into the ground. I can believe it. 

What it means though is that it does seem likely that some sort of federal antispam legislation will head to congress in the next year (almost 30 states – Virginia adopted a law just last week – have some sort of antispam laws).

Unfortunately, it may already be too late.

StorageTek, FilesX launch software for disk-based recovery

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