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A look at Apache

May 28, 20032 mins
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* The pros and cons of using Apache

Today we take a look at the Web server that research firms say constitutes some two-thirds of the Web server market – that would be Apache.  Apache is used by about two-thirds of active Web sites, according to technology tracking company Netcraft. By contrast, Microsoft accounts for just one-quarter of Web sites, and Sun One has about 1%.

This week our author ( takes look at the challenges Apache faces as it moves even further into data centers.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of the open source Web server: 


* It’s free, a definite plus in these economic times.

* Flexibility, open source code can be easily modified to meet specific needs.

* Stability, when issues arise, the open source community responds quickly to solve problems.

* Interoperability, Apache runs on multiple platforms.


* Finding expertise, to get the most out of the Web server, you need an Apache expert on staff.

* Challenging to administer, Apache doesn’t offer easy-to-use management tools and user interfaces found in commercial products (though Covalent provides management tools and support for Apache).

* The Microsoft factor, Microsoft bundles IIS with its operating system.

* Complexity, multiple modules and run-time directives can be daunting.

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