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Converge NOCs with SOCs to save time and effort

Marrying network operations centers with security operations centers can streamline troubleshooting and reduce duplication of effort.

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Intel launches Agilex FPGA for smart networking

The new processor is built around processing network workloads to take the load off the CPU.

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Ethernet turns 50, but its voyage has only begun

With the tech world celebrating Ethernet's 50th anniversary this week, the technology is adapting to evolving network demands as varied as AI, distributed computing, and virtual reality.


Juniper MISTifies ChatGPT, Zoom and NAC security service

Juniper is adding ChatGPT integration to its Mist management system, expanding its Zoom support capabilities, and offering a cloud-based NAC service.

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IT pros worry about network data being fed to AI tools

Volume of data, frequency of polling, security, and the impact on network performance are among the concerns of networking teams, according to an EMA survey.

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Cisco aims for full-stack observability with AppDynamics/ThousandEyes tie-in

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) upgrade melds Cisco's AppDynamics application observability capabilities and ThousandEyes network intelligence.

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Multivendor 5G network slicing test claims 70% gain in deployment speeds

A Norwegian-led tech demonstration achieves a key advancement toward easier deployment for private 5G.

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Cisco bets on manufacturing in India amid global supply chain crisis

New manufacturing operation aims to support the growing demand from customers in India as well as globally to further strengthen and diversify Cisco’s supply chain.

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Extreme moves cloud-based network management to the edge

New releases include the ExtremeCloud Edge cloud management system, a power-efficient Wi-Fi 6E access point, and additions to Extreme’s Universal Switch series.

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Cisco warns of certificate problem that takes down SD-WANs

Cisco said an expired hardware certificate in some of its Viptella SD-WAN devices can take down the boxes; certificate replacement is forthcoming.


What is 5G? Fast wireless technology for enterprises and phones

5G networks will boost wireless throughput by a factor of 10 and may replace wired broadband. But when will they be available, and why are 5G and IoT so linked together?

1798109056 decision making ciso soc

Cisco’s customer experience group aims to boost ROI for enterprise purchases

Cisco’s CX group offers a suite of services to help enterprises optimize their network infrastructure, security, collaboration, cloud, and data center investments.

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Cisco wants you to buy now, pay later

Cisco's new Capital Business Acceleration Program will let customers defer payment until 2024 if they buy new and used gear by July 29.

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Cisco cements software intentions with API, developer programs

Cisco’s API First strategy prioritizes API development and ensures backward compatibility.

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How to shop for network observability tools

Network observability tools can help enterprises more quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues across complex environments before they impact end-user productivity.

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Aruba banks on integrated security, AI, NaaS for enterprise growth

Aruba: As the roles of networking teams change, they will need to embrace AI and uniting networking with security.

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Akamai's new cloud firewall capabilities aim to protect network edge

Akamai's Prolexic network cloud firewall now offers the ability to customize access control lists and deploy them at network edges.

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Broadcom's new switching chip links GPUs, aims to boost AI networks

The new Jericho chip can connect up to 32,000 GPUs concurrently and promises shorter job completion times for AI workloads.

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