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sd-wan options

Palo Alto shapes SASE package for hybrid enterprises

Palo Alto’s Prisma SASE brings together the company’s its core Prisma Access package with the company’s Prisma SD-WAN technology

ip dhcp network internet

DHCP: How to work with user classes on Windows

'Scopes' and 'classes' of IP addresses can help to logically organize address ranges by users and devices within Windows DHCP Server.

digital fabric

Juniper enables Mist to handle network-fabric management

Juniper offers support for EVPN-VXLAN campus-fabric networks that can be managed, controlled and streamlined by its Mist management service.

database abstract network innovation

What is MPLS: What you need to know about multi-protocol label switching

Multi-protocol label switching is a way to insure reliable connections for real-time applications, but it's expensive, leading enterprises to consider SD-WAN as a way to limit its use.

A virtual checkmark in digital system / standards / quality control / certification / certificates

Cisco adds specializations to its CCNP cert

Cisco Certified Network Professional demonstrates understanding of core networking principles and specialized expertise in an area such as data center, security,and network programmability.


Tailoring SD-WAN to fit your needs

SD-WAN overhead, on ramps, off ramps, and security are variable and must be chosen carefully to satisfy your requirements.

Future Wi-Fi

How to scale a Wi-Fi network

Whether it’s pushing out Wi-Fi coverage 100 feet or deploying a network in a site that doesn’t have one, here are the steps to take to insure you wind up with a cost-effective result.

Wi-Fi 7 is coming, and Intel makes it sound great

The next generation of Wi-Fi is at least three years off, but Intel predicts it will be up to five times faster

A laptop user works securely behind a firewall.

What is firewall as a service?

Virtualizing physical appliances is just one part of the equation.

5g wireless speed wireless network devices

Private 5G: Tips on how to implement it, from enterprises that already have

If you’re considering private 5G for an IoT project, you’ll need to learn a lot, choose between white-box switches and servers, and maybe decide that Wi-Fi 6 is a better idea.

sdn software defined network architecture

Comcast grabs SD-WAN specialist Masergy

Deal to acquire software-defined networking company Masergy will give Comcast Business a boost in the enterprise SD-WAN and SASE markets.

Data center / enterprise networking

Cisco: Product sales jump, so do some prices

From Cisco's year-end earnings call: Its software strategy is working, 400G Ethernet is on the march, supply shortages affect some pricing.


Top SD-WAN vendors and how they got there

Big networking players like Cisco, HPE, and VMware, but also more specialized vendors like Versa and Fortinet, offer different flavors of SD-WAN for varying enterprise needs.

distributed / decentralized cloud network connections

Marvell buys Innovium for cloud data-center expertise

Marvell is spending $1.1B and will get Innovium's high-speed chip for cloud providers, complementing its on-prem network offerings.

lte cellular service cell tower mobile phone binary

Are you ready for the 3G sunset?

Starting next year networks will end their 3G support. Are you sure you have replaced all your 3G devices?

the latest in innovation in the sd wan managed services market1400

Are enterprises loving managed services?

Netops specialists are hard to find, and Cisco, Extreme, and Juniper are among those trying to fill the void with managed services.


Juniper touts cloud-ready data center, AI, automation

Juniper’s chief operating officer Manoj Leelanivas sees AI and automation as leading a change in network architecture.

Conceptual image of a network labeled 'Zero Trust.'

5 steps for modernizing enterprise networks

Software-defined networking, artificial intelligence, cloud, new Wi-Fi and 5G options, and network security can combine to improve performance of traditional networks.

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