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Industry groups prep Ethernet for operational, wireless networks

The Ethernet Alliance and Avnu Alliance separately are moving Ethernet technology forward with a standard for twisted-pair Ethernet and a push for time-sensitive networking over wireless.

Wi-Fi tools

8 free Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools for Windows and Mac

Measuring signal strength, channels, MAC addresses and security status of Wi-Fi networks is essential to understanding their health, and here are free tools – some for Windows, some for Macs – that can do just that.

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COVID-19: Weekly health check of ISPs, cloud providers and conferencing services

Thousand Eyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, is providing Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS

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CBRS license bids top $2.4 billion as FCC auction heads into third week

The CBRS window is open as bidders battle for choice parts of a unique chunk of U.S. airwaves.

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Cisco-challenge winners use AI, IoT to tackle global problems

Top prize goes to a startup in Kenya with a milk-chilling transit system that uses AI and IoT to optimize inventory management.

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Gartner: 5G rises as overall wireless infrastructure spending falls

The pandemic took a measurable toll on the market for wireless infrastructure, but 5G spending remains a bright spot.

5G in India

HPE launches 5G test lab

HPE 5G Lab is designed to help telcos accelerate 5G deployment and adoption.

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Cisco urges patching flaws in data-center, SD-WAN gear

Cisco has issued a number of critical security advisories for its data center manager and SD-WAN offerings that customers should deal with now.

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Google, Facebook, SpaceX battle to connect remote workers

The coronavirus crisis is driving employees out of the cities and into remote areas where bandwidth is low or nonexistent. Google, Facebook, SpaceX and others all have a dog in this fight.

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Private 5G can solve some enterprise problems that Wi-Fi can’t

While service providers might think of private 5G as a competitor to Wi-Fi, short-term its enterprise use will be supplemental.

A virtual brain is wired with technology connections.

Juniper adds a service to find and quickly fix WAN glitches

Juniper now features WAN, LAN and wireless management under a central AI-based service called WAN Assurance to better compete with Cisco, VMware, HPE/Aruba, and others.

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How to tailor SASE to your enterprise

Secure access service edge is a well-defined model, but there are variations that achieve the same ends and give businesses flexibility to meet their larger goals.

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Are newer medical IoT devices less secure than old ones?

Legacy medical IoT devices may lack security features, but newer ones built around commodity components can have a whole different set of vulnerabilities that are better understood by attackers.

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How 5G frequency affects range and speed

5G spectrum use falls into three major bands, each with different characteristics that can influence coverage and deployment strategies.

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VMware embraces Google Cloud, Kubernetes with load-balancer upgrades

A new version of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer distributes workloads uniformly across the network to boost efficiency, reliability.


Fortinet, Barracuda expand SD-WAN cloud offerings

Both are designed to span multiple clouds and bring faster, secure connectivity.

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Is COVID-19 vendor financing for enterprise gear a good deal?

IT vendors are offering billions in financial aid to keep enterprise IT sales from being cancelled and partners afloat, but do they benefit customers?

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Data-center survey: IT seeks faster switches, intelligent computing

Omdia survey of North American enterprises finds that on-premises data centers will thrive and IT pros will seek faster switches.

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