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7 IoT trends that will define 2018

Whether you end up being one of those who benefits from the massive changes being currently fostered by the IoT will largely depend on how well you prepare yourself ahead of time.

AWS re:Invent

AWS re:Invent and the 5 fronts of the cloud arms race

Increasingly, the public cloud arms race is being waged on four fronts, with a fifth quickly emerging. All five had a healthy set of announcements at this year's event.


IBM to ship its Power9 system this month, claiming AI leadership in the data center

With the release this month of the first commercial server based on its Power9 processor, IBM hits another milestone in its quest to be the AI-workload leader for data centers and web service providers.

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New-gen technologies make IoT transformational

IoT, AI, blockchain and fog computing are the building blocks of digital transformation. Each one contributes important capabilities, but only together do they have the potential to fulfill the lofty expectations of IoT.

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Conventional computer vision coupled with deep learning makes AI better

Machine learning is driving a revolution in vision-based IoT applications, but new research combining classic computer vision with deep learning shows significantly better results.

Machine learning could unlock the power of self-driving datacentres

A look at the potential for machine learning to improve datacentres

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6 AI ingredients every wireless networking strategy needs

Thanks to advances in AI, companies of all sizes can transform their wireless networking with WiFi that is predictable, reliable and measurable.

nvidia telsa v100

Nvidia gets broad support for cutting-edge Volta GPUs in the data center

Data center workloads for AI, graphics rendering, high-performance computing and business intelligence are getting a boost as a Who's Who of the world's biggest server makers and cloud providers snap up Nvidia's Volta-based Tesla V100...

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How intent-based networking is transforming an industry

As fears continue to grow about automation and AI, intent-based networking shows that there’s more to gain by embracing these technologies than shunning them.

What will AI mean to the traditional datacentre?

High-performance computing and machine learning could be a double-edged sword for datacentres

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How CIOs can use machine learning to transforming customer service

When used properly, machine learning will take high volumes of customer interactions and use them to deliver a better experience.

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IBM reorgs services division around Watson and AI

A change in emphasis from the days when mainframes running line-of-business software ruled.

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Why Google is betting big on AI

At a recent conference, Google laid out its plans in the field of artificial intelligence which include transforming the company into an AI company.

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Are we living in an AI golden age?

Jeff Bezos believes we're in the golden age of artificial intelligence, with Amazon at the forefront of development. The rapid growth of this sector could prove him correct.

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Google Lens brings AI smarts to your phone

Google Lens uses artificial intelligence to figure out what's in a photo

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5 machine learning trends that will define 2017

Machine learning is at the core of many innovations that are set to improve our daily lives this year.

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Can Amazon maintain its AI dominance?

Amazon has secured a decisive advantage with the Echo and the new Echo Show. But competitors are quickly catching up

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Is the death of the smartphone upon us?

Some people think the smartphone could be dead in the next five years with technologies such as AR poised to take over.

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